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Haunted Illinois

The Most Comprehensive Site for Halloween in Illinois.


Be Different, Be Fun, Be Inspired.


Hauntworld is a GIGANTIC site dedicated to the Haunted Attraction industry including 2 unique message boards, Hauntworld Magazine, a plethora of very helpful videotapes, an online auction house and a Halloween search engine to name but a few of the many things that can be found there. Did I mention it's GIGANTIC?

Haunted Attraction

The name says it all.
If you own a Haunted Attraction, a home haunt or are just considering going a little more overboard at Halloween,
you need to get this magazine.

If you're looking to ramp up you're Halloween display,
this store carries many large animated props.

This resource for Halloween covers everything including entertainment, events, stories, costumes, and haunted houses.

Re-animated 2014

Castle Blood

World Famous Haunted Attraction,
Haunt Couture, Costumes, Haunt Decor, Props, Corsetry,
TV and Radio hosts,.....I think the only thing left is politics.

Iron Kingdom

Only the Finest Ironwork in all the land.
From Haunted Attraction animated props to Custom cemetery fences, they do it all at the IRON KINGDOM

Industry news, interviews, weekly prizes
and music for every creepy person in the universe.
That means you!!!

Haunters share stories, pics and videos. Fun fun fun!!!

Channel 66.6 HM Haunted Radio - Your radio home for everything horror! 

If you think you know Horror and aren't reading Rue Morgue

You don't

Outstanding latex heads,corpses,
costumes, Music-Galore and full scale animated creatures.

Featured on Law & Order:SVU

Global Halloween Alliance

Join the Global Halloween Alliance
and order back-issues of Happy Halloween Magazine here:

The Grandaddy of Halloween Groups

Caution!! Clubhouse may be larger than it appears

A funny thing happened on the way to the Haunt Forum

And then I got busy haunting and forgot what it was.

Lesley Bannatyne-Boston Globe correspondent

at Harvard who has authored too many books and articles on Halloween to mention in this small space.

Minions Web

Spider Hill


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