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Nightmare Chronicles 2014

You turn down the lights and lie back for a deep, restful sleep
only to wander into a barren dreamscape littered with traumatic, childhood memories.
Memories that draw you in and won't let go,
memories without hope or conscience,
memories that leave you empty and soulless.
Nightmare Chronicles is a diverse collection of music and atmospheres that take you into the recesses of the unconscious. It features more synths than on any previous albums giving some of the tracks a Sci-Fi flavor, there's even a dance number. But there's still plenty of the dark orchestral music I love so much.

Demagogue 2007

A dark musical journey from the birth of the universe to the death of a madman,
from mysterious and hypnotic to angry and violent it is lushly symphonic with gobs of pipe organ and more male choirs singing fake Latin than you can shake a stick at.
Shake that stick, you know you want to!!
If you want some creepy background music for your haunt, it's in there. If you want music that's gonna make other drivers look at you like you're insane, it's in there.

Influences: Stravinsky, Scriabin, Copland, ELP, and the Roman Catholic Church .

Isolation was nominated for Best Instrumental Song in the JPF Awards.

Black Cat 2004_2005

Originally written as a companion for the 2004 Halloween comic book "Black Cat 13" by Scott Jackson.

This is the 2005 re-release with additional material.
It contains a variety of styles from the hypnotic "Limbo" to the horror action piece "The Horseman" and everything in between. There's a little bit of something for every theme. The first track alone, a child's rhyme on a scratchy old phonoraph, will send chills down anyone's spine.

Clive Manor 2001

Rising from the center of a forbidding forest a lone mountain spire holds,
in offering to the full moon,

the once popular estate of the Clive family.
Their gala parties were unrivaled, joyous sounds of children filled the halls.
But now only echoes of the dead can be heard as the new Master of the estate pushes his way through the spirits of his victims to greet any unsuspecting visitors.
Will you be one?

Mostly slow and apprehensive in a 17th-18th Century classical style. Nominated for Best Instrumental Album in the JPF Awards.
'The Lost Steps' and 'From The Mist' are looped like video game music.

Influences: Dark Shadows, Castlevania and Resident Evil

Midnight Circus 1999

On the outskirts of town where the grass never grows an eerie white glow appears one night.
The wind calls you closer.
It's just a small tent, some weary traveler perhaps.
The wind whispers again.
"Come inside, come inside."

Background music for haunted houses with a dark circus theme. 
Influence: Danny Elfman,...
Featured in Knott's Scary Farm's Carnivorous Clowns Maze.

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Nightmare Chronicles


Midnight Circus CD and Digital

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Black Cat Digital

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Midnight Circus

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