Yes, the vines on the house are real.

A few new things for the graveyard...

The Warning Reaper

The archaeological dig

A new tombstone

Ironman gave me a taxidermy form for a "honey badger". I covered it in fur...

and inserted some of Jim Kadel's red fading LEDs, fronted by clear marbles.

The set up of our FCG.
The motor is shielded by tupperware.

Our rat feast finally died after 5 years, so it's been revamped with the addition of a "Screaming Rat" from Target. Well, and some new wiring and sound effects.

One of those cheesy feathered Walmart spiders--spraypainted black so it matted down nicely.
Web is basically a "dream catcher" of twine, covered with hot glue webs.

MrKeeba attached a FCG mechanism underneath, strings attached to the web so it moves slowly and gives the appearance the spider is moving.

The Haunted Nursery

This year's theme is The Haunted Nursery. The cobwebs seem to show up much better in pictures
than they do in real life. The hanging doll turns and her eyes glow red. There are
baby blocks that spell out warnings ("FLEE" "GET OUT") in the foreground. The
teacup set in the middle seems to fascinate everyone. It's just a motorized arm and
magnet set up under a plexiglas tea tray, magnets glued to the bottom of 2 of the teacups.
The whole scene is really just small movements--an old animatronic store window display stands
next to a speaker, the entire thing covered with a sheet. Somehow the smaller the movement,
the creepier it all seems. We feared this might be a lame year for us--no blood and
gore for the older kids--but it seems to be freaking everyone out just the same.
The ceiling and walls are shredded cheesecloth, sprayed with Rit Whitner& Brightener.
The entire room is lit only by blacklight this year.

The Peppers Ghost illusion, of course, is the highlight. I'll try to get an MPG up eventually.
Here is a basic diagram of the workings.

The bassinet. A fading red light
and gurgling demonic child sound effect
as the hands bat at the coverlet..

The workings of the bassinet,
made from a "Giggler".

A half hidden teddy bear.
It only moves slightly, but because
it moves at all the kids believe
there is something under the table.

Yup, just a popcorn popper
(heat element removed)
and a coat hanger.