OK, I don't understand anything about wiring, but I do know graphic programs. MrKeeba knows all the wiring stuff, but not how to create the graphics. We sat down at the computer together and between my "no, that doesnt make sense, what does it plug INTO" questions--and his "that's so basic, everyone would know to do that" answers--we somehow worked this out without hurting each other. Much.

Keep in mind that this is pretty basic, obviously you're gonna have to play around with what cord lengths you have, etc. This is just one of the ways WE did it, I'm sure other's have their own ways as well.(i.e. don't email me to tell me your better way of doing this)

We did the whole amp & speaker thing because the trees have rotten speakers and if you get them loud enough to be heard (which you won't anyway), the eyes and mouths stayed open.

The trickiest part is getting the lead vocal on one track and the chorus on the other.