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Welcome to Hedstorm

The Music and Soundscapes of
Michael Hedstrom

Michael has been writing and recording since the mid 70's
when all he had were a couple cassette recorders
to bounce tracks back and forth on.
Technology has improved a wee bit since then.
In 1999, after writing music for his own home haunt
and many others he formed Hedstorm Productions
and begin to produce Halloween CDs that have been used
in home haunts and haunted attractions around the world.
His haunt music has been twice nominated for
"Best Instrumental" in the JPF Awards.
Michael's haunting orchestras and atmospheres
won't just put you in front of a movie.
They will put you inside the movie,
stranded and alone in a world of apprehension and suspense
never knowing what lies around the next corner.

Michael is currently working on Midnight Circus 2

There are 2 tracks available for free downlaod here:

Midnight Circus 2


NEW in 2014 - Nightmare Chronicles

Michael's music is featured in the video game "Curse of the Darkness"
based on America's No. 1 Haunted House "The Darkness" in St. Louis

See preview video of game play
featuring "Fleeing the Grounds" from "Clive Manor" at:

Just Plain Folks nominee

If you're looking for Halloween fun on a budget there are how-to projects along with pics of Michael and Tamara's haunt at:


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